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Alarms In Spain and its representatives, agents, installers or outlets, do not under any circumstances guarantee or claim to stop any intruder, break-in or burglary.
The quality systems are for every type of home or business and act as a very strong deterrent.

The aim is to make life as difficult as possible for any potential burglars/intruders.
This is done by way of careful planning and positioning of the alarm system chosen, including detectors and controllers etc, but also very important is using prominent visual deterrents on the exterior, such as, warning signs that make it clear the property is protected 24 / 7 via direct link / (GSM*), or services agreed with each owner, also exterior (high pitched) siren with flashing strobe or security lights, any or all of the above sends a clear message that the property is ALARMED, and the risk of getting caught is very high!!

Promotion prices shown on the site may change or be discontinued, to confirm, contact by e-mail or telephone.

A & EO, all advertised prices are excluding installation & IVA.

Alarms In Spain reserves the rights to amend its website at any time, change, modify, discontinue or upgrade any of the advertised alarm packages, promotions or prices advertised.

This does not affect your statutory rights.

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